E-rate and Classroom Broadband Access

What will it take to accomplish ConnectED's goals? We've got answers.

You've all heard a lot about ConnectED in the year since President Obama announced it. We at CoSN are thrilled by the central goal of the program: to connect 99% of American students to quality broadband by the year 2018. 

It's hard to know exactly what steps to take to turn that goal into a reality, so to de-mystify the process, we teamed up with Education Superhighway for a thorough analysis. We just presented our analysis -- and our answers to the "what will it take?" questions -- to the FCC this morning. The final tally: $3.2 billion. 

You can access our full comments (and many more facts and figures) here. Now that we have a clearer sense of what it will take, our advocacy work is more important than ever. Contact your Congressmen to express your support for E-rate reform, and help us take the next steps! 

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